We will take care of wages, telling you  when, where and how much to pay to satisfy employees as well

as offices. We will ensure payroll management.

Do you need to make a contract for work, a temporary or permanent employment, or for a part-time job?

We will prepare all documents on behalf of you, in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

⋅ employment contracts in accordance with the law

⋅ registrations and cancellations of registrations with a competent health insurance company

⋅ preparation of reports for individual health insurance companies nad for the Social Security


⋅ pension insurance records

⋅ confirmations of taxable income and certificates of employment (employee's cards)

⋅ settlement of natural person income tax from employment and functional benefits

  and settlements of natural person withholding income tax

⋅ annual settlement of natural person income tax from employment

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